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PPC Search Advertising

Best Practices in Keyword Research and PPC Management (Instant eTraining). In this interview, Christine covers how keyword tools have evolved over the years and explains why you need multiple tools to gain different perspectives.

12 Ways to Improve PPC Landing Page Conversion Rates. How you can boost sales by making your landing pages more persuasive, more focused, more complete -- and provide the testing feedback needed to measure the success of your efforts.

Review Your Bidding Options on Google AdWords (Wilson Web). AdWords offers several advanced bidding options beyond simply bidding for clicks. Depending on your goals, these may work for you.

How to Simplify PPC Management Using Google AdWords Editor (Wilson Web). It's surprising how many businesses that self-manage their PPC accounts don't know about Google AdWords Editor.

Search Engine Optimization

Eight Keyword Research Mistakes That Are Costing Your Money (Search Engine Land). Keyword research is wrought with pitfalls which can reduce the effectiveness of your online campaigns. Here are eight common mistakes companies make in selecting keywords for their campaigns.

Keyword Analysis: The Value of Brainstorming. This article explains the importance of keyword brainstorming as an integral component of the keyword research process.

Local SEO

What NOT To Do On Local Business Web Sites (Search Engine Land). Day after day, we see the same bad practices being perpetuated by bad web designs. Here are some things NOT to do if you want to perform well in local search.

Sea Change: Google's New Place Search Introduces New Disruption (Nodal Bits). Silver explains the blending of Google's local and organic results, and the dramatic impact that has had on SEO.

For Local SEO, Lack of Call Tracking Solution Spawns Cloaking (Search Engine Land). Phone tracking has its place, but used incorrectly, it can negatively affect your Local SEO.

Expert Interview on Local Search with Chris Silver Smith (Vertical Measures). In this interview Silver describes important steps a webmaster can take to optimize for local search.

Mobile SEM

How to Conduct Mobile Search Keyword Research (Wilson Web). Mobile users often have different motivations and behaviors than users sitting at a desktop. Cell-phone users are often not at home and they have a different intent and urgency for their searches.

Social Media Marketing

Optimizing Facebook Status Updates for Local Marketing (Search Engine Land). In this article, Silver explains how you can grow your audience by using the little-known Facebook tags feature to push your posts out to other pages.


Expand Your Market By Improving Web Page Readability. Making your web page easier to read makes good business sense. Article offers advice on improving readability.

Collected Web Site Usability Tips. This excellent collection of web site usability tips from the HighRankings Forum on Search Engine-Friendly Web Design, which Christine moderates (Many thanks to all who participated in this thread!).

Online Marketing Related Topics

Search Engine Listings: Can Spiders Crawl Your Web Site? A useful introduction that explains why many web design techniques can keep your site from appearing in the search engines.

Bogons Ate My Web Site. Nightmare story of how even when you do everything right, you can still be tripped up from the unexpected. A client moved his site to a new ISP and it dissappeared from the engines. Fascinating read.

Review of Hitwise as a Keyword Research Tool. Comprehensive review of the popular Hitwise suite of tools as a keyword research tool set.

Web Site Checklist for the Holiday Season. Here's a practical web site checklist to ensure your site is ready for the holidays.


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