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Power Analytics

Most companies tap only a fraction of the capabilities of their web analytics software. We go deeper, unlocking critical statistics that drive sales.

Analytics is the key to optimizing your campaigns and proving the value of your marketing.

Advanced Tracking

  • Track clicks on mail-to links and PDF downloads.
  • Group pages into categories and track traffic by category.
  • Track conversions across multiple channels and see ALL the marketing efforts contributing to the sale.

Advanced Diagnostics

Suppose your web traffic has fallen by 30% and sales are down sharply. What happened? Our analytics can pinpoint the problem through month-over-month and year-over-year comparisons of your key customer segments.

Omniture Certified

We are Omniture Certified Professionals, which means we are accredited by Adobe to deploy its Omniture suite of web analytics software. Omniture is the leading enterprise web analytics software suite.

Conversion Optimization

Analytics insight drives all of our marketing programs. Our goal is conversion optimization: reducing the bounce rate of your pages and increasing the percentage of visitors that turn into customers.

For example, PPC search advertising allows day-parting - that is scheduling your ads to display at different times of day or certain days of the week. Analytics tells us what times of day show the highest conversion rates, letting us adjust our bidding strategies accordingly. The result? More sales from your PPC spend.

Conversion optimization also taps our experience in web site usability. By streamlining your landing pages and fine-tuning your message, we can boost conversions through A/B and multivariate landing page tests.

Call Tracking

Web analytics tells only part of the story. Conversions can happen by phone as well. How can you track conversions that happen offline?

Our advanced call tracking solutions can help. We can instrument your web site to display custom phone numbers tied to campaigns and keywords in your PPC search advertising campaigns. Calls can be traced back to the individual keywords and ads, giving you a full picture of what drives sales.

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