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Local Search, National Brands

Local search isn't just for the corner doughnut shop. Any business whose target audience includes city names needs local search:

  • Real estate
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks and more

National businesses face unique challenges optimizing their franchises for local search.

We can help.

Local Gets Big

  • Search engines see over 25 Billion local searches each year.
  • Internet Yellow Pages (IYP) and Mapping sites see another 5 Billion searches every year.
  • It's now hard for businesses to rank on Google without a strong Google Places listing.

The Local Authority

KeyRelevance is a recognized leader in local SEO. We have years of hands-on experience helping local businesses get found online. We would love to improve your site's online visibility.


Local is Not a Luxury

Local SEO used to be a separate route for getting on Google's page one results. Today, local search results are blended with organic results for most searches.

That means it's difficult to hold a top organic ranking without a strong Google Places listing. Just as importantly, your Google Places listing determines how your business appears on Google.

Our local SEO program takes control of your local search listings and optimizes them for better rankings.

Program Features

  • Claims and optimizes Google Places, Bing Business Portal and Yahoo Local listings.
  • Synchronizes and enhances business information across major IYP sites.
  • Provides effective guidance for optimizing business web sites for local queries.
  • Tracks and assists in dealing with online reviews displaying on Google Places.

Local Franchises

National brands face unique challenges registering their local franchises with Google Places. Google Places was created for small shops, where the person handling online marketing also answers the phone. How do you verify franchise listings when marketing is managed from your national office? We can help.

Channel Synchronization

Local SEO seems simple: claim your Places listing, optimize it and, bam! You've got rankings.

But it's not so simple. Local search optimization is significantly more complex than "regular" SEO, because it encompasses many more variables.

Google doesn't entirely trust your Places data, even if you've verified your listings.

Google merges Places data with other information it finds on the web. That means even verified listings can show the wrong phone number, wrong photos - they can even show someone else's business reviews or web site!

To have a fully trusted listing - and to get the strong local rankings that come with it - you need to synchronize your business data across all online channels.

At KeyRelevance, we specialize in data synchronizing, enhancing and optimizing your online business data. When all the online sources sing the same song, your local rankings go up.

Beyond Google Places

Google may dominate the local search space, but IYP and mapping sites see over 300 million local searches each month, and all those business information sources affect rankings within Google.

Our local SEO ensures the presence, accuracy and enhancement of your information across the major IYP and mapping sites, helping your site get a second stream of local traffic.

Online Reviews

Local search is influenced by your online reputation. A shortage of reviews or bad reviews means your local SEO will suffer. Even worse, local rankings can actually bring more attention to negative reviews.

We've implemented ethical techniques to drive more online reviews from your best customers. We also know how to leverage social media to drive positive reviews.

Let's Get Started

We're ready to help you boost your local traffic. Contact us to get started.