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One Channel Or Many?

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, foursquare, Yelp, and blogs, blogs, blogs. Which sites really matter?

The answer depends on your business, your goals and your resources. Not every social site fits every company and every strategy. Let us work with you to determine the right mix.

In-House or Outsourced

We support both. We can provide a social media manager to plan and execute all aspects of your social media marketing.

If you already have an in-house team, we can work with them to take your social media marketing to the next level. We provide training, plus tactical reviews that refine your social media plan.

Social Media & Channel Conflict

What is social media? Is it a public relations channel? Or is it customer relations channel? Which manager owns social media?

In reality, social media is an entirely new channel that blends elements of marketing, PR and CRM, and that means integrating it into your existing organization can be a challenge.

We know how to use social media effectively, while avoiding channel conflict. We can coordinate your efforts and create buy-in across your organization.

Interaction, Not Broadcast

Social media isn't a broadcast medium, it's a conversation. It's about transmitting, sure, but it's also about receiving. Your social media plan needs to know how to handle incoming communication. If you listen and respond, you can turn critics into converts.

Maximizing Engagement

You put effort into a post, spend hours planning it, crafting it and staffing it for approval. Then you push it live and within an hour it's gone, lost in your fans' social media stream.

How can you increase the life of your posts, keeping them at the top of your fans' stream?

We know how to extend the mileage of your Facebook posts to keep them in front of your fans. We know how to increase the visibility of your tweets and maximize clicks and retweets.

Our approach helps you engage passive followers, turning them into active participants in your social campaigns.

Tracking ROI

Social media is new, and for some companies it's an unproven medium. Sure, you've built a large fan base, but how does that translate into sales? What's the real dollar value of having someone "Like" your page?

You can't show an ROI if you can't measure social activity.

KeyRelevance's social media program leverages our strength in advanced web analytics to get a better picture of what's happening across social sites and within walled communities like Facebook.

Using advanced tools and techniques, we can tell you:

  • The reach of your Facebook posts. How many fans really viewed your content?
  • How often users share your web content through Tweets, Likes and +1s.
  • Whether your fans are turning into web site visitors and customers.

Our analytics can connect the dots between social media and web site activity.

Let's Get Started

We're ready to help you optimize your social media marketing. Contact us to get started.