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The Future of Search

Today mobile search accounts for 10% of search traffic, growing to 20% by the end of 2012.

Mobile is the future, says Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt. Smart companies are positioning themselves today to be leaders in this market segment.

Mobile Marketing

Search marketing is poised to dominate mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is already a $1 billion dollar industry, rising to $5 billion by 2015.

Search marketing makes up 43% of mobile advertising, but will grow to 73% within two years.

Mobile SEO Strategies

Mobile search is the future, but is your web site ready for it? Maybe your site uses Flash, which doesn't work on an iPhone. Or it doesn't display properly on a smartphone screen.

So what's the best option to mobile-enable your web presence? Should you adapt your existing web site? Build a separate site - perhaps or Maybe build an iPhone or Android app? We can help you decide.

Our Mobile SEO strategies leverage the strength of your existing web site SEO to benefit your mobile pages.

Mobile is Local

Most mobile searches have a local intent, which means Local SEO is critical to your success.

Our Mobile SEO program builds on our company's expertise in Local SEO. We ensure your mobile marketing goes beyond your web site to include Google Places and other key local search sites.

Paid Search for Mobile

Smartphone users have a different search behavior from desktop users. They use different keywords, have a different search intent and respond in ways different from desktop users.

Our PPC campaigns for mobile devices target mobile users through unique keyword, messaging and bidding strategies.

Analytics for Mobile

Mobile users have the phone in their hands, which means conversions are more likely to happen by phone. That means traditional web analytics can't give a true picture of your mobile marketing success.

We use call tracking solutions to measure in-coming calls from mobile campaigns. Together with our advanced web analytics, we get a clear picture of which parts of your mobile SEM campaigns are working.

Let's Get Started

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